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You are here:home > Environment > Planning services > Planning applications > Major planning applications > Ordnance Survey redevelopment plans

Ordnance Survey redevelopment plans

The Ordnance Survey site, Romsey Road, Maybush Corner, Southampton.

Planning Application Number 07/01700/OUT

Redevelopment of the site to provide a mixed use scheme comprising refurbishment and extension to Compass House for business use (Class B1); a new business enterprise centre (Class B1); new light/general industrial unit (Class B1/B2); new retail and food and drink use (Classes A1, A3, A4 & A5); new nursing home/clinic/surgery (Class C2/D1), open space and 465 residential units (328 flats and 137 houses) - Outline Application seeking approval for layout and access.

Contact: Andrew Amery 023 8083 2674

Extract from the applicants Design and Access Statement

The application is made in outline form, with all matters (scale, appearance and landscaping), apart from layout and access, to be reserved for later approval. Compass House and Crabwood House applications are both to be made in full detail.

The application seeks the redevelopment of the site to provide a mixed-use scheme comprising refurbishment and extension to Compass House for business use (use class B1), a new business enterprise centre (use class B1), new light general industrial unit (use class B1/B2), new retail and food and drink uses (use classes A1, A3, A4 and AS), new nursing home/clinic/surgery (use class D1), open space and 466 residential units (use class C3) with layout and access included.

DCLG Circular 01/2006 sets out the performance roles of a Design and Access Statement. These are as follow:

  • to link the general development principles to final detailed designs

  • explain and justify the design and access principles that will be used to develop future details (reserved matters) of the scheme

  • enable a thorough understanding of the contextual analysis which underpins the proposed layout and how this informs the design

  • enable the design concept to be clear and accessible to design professionals and the community

  • effectively address all design issues for the proposed development

  • As a result , and in line with Circular 01/2006, this Design and Access Statement provides information on the following:

    USE -the mixed use space proposed and the arrangement of development within the site

    AMOUNT -the maximum amount of residential and commercial floor space that will be permitted for the site

    LAYOUT -the approximate location of proposed buildings, routes and landscaping

    SCALE -the upper and lower limits of the height, width and length of each proposed building within which the final detailed design of buildings will be developed in the future , as well as the floor space allowed within each commercial building.

    -the policy and approach to access , including inclusive access and access for the emergency services


    The application for the conversion of this Grade 2 listed building into 6 residential units seeks full planning approval and listed building consent


    Full planning approval is being sought for the extension of this existing office building. An additional floor at roof level is proposed, along with external alterations to the elevations to improve appearance and safety.

The planning office telephone line is available if you do require extra help. Please call 023 8083 2603 or use our email inbox,

Also, some files are likely to be large because of their content. The files may take a few minutes to download and it is recommended that you have a broadband Internet connection (modem). Please check with your provider if you are unsure about the speed of your connection.

Downloadable documents

Icon Name of file Size Download time
Image Site location 237 KB 1secs @ 2Mbps
Image Flood Risk Part 1 509 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Image Flood Risk Part 2 1840 KB 7secs @ 2Mbps
Image Flood Risk Part 1 509 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Image Flood Risk Part 2 1840 KB 7secs @ 2Mbps
Image Flood Risk Appendix A 2363 KB 9secs @ 2Mbps
Image Flood Risk Appendix B 7189 KB 29secs @ 2Mbps
Image Flood Risk Appendix C 2810 KB 11secs @ 2Mbps
Image Flood Risk Appendix D and E 4419 KB 18secs @ 2Mbps
Image Block Plan 528 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Image Floor plan 2543 KB 10secs @ 2Mbps
Image Alternative west sector floor plan 6906 KB 28secs @ 2Mbps
Image Massing form Southwest 335 KB 1secs @ 2Mbps
Image Massing from East 351 KB 1secs @ 2Mbps
Image Massing from North 338 KB 1secs @ 2Mbps
Image North view 259 KB 1secs @ 2Mbps
Image South view 238 KB 1secs @ 2Mbps
Image Design & Access Statement (Revised) Part 1 6325 KB 25secs @ 2Mbps
Image Design & Access statement (Revised) Part 2 7013 KB 28secs @ 2Mbps
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