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You are here:home > Environment > Planning services > Planning permission > Planning documents

Planning documents

Other useful documents

The documents on this page are ones that you might find helpful when you are thinking of submitting a planning application. Most of them are in PDF format which means you will need a PDF viewer to look at them. The most common (and probably on your PC already) is Adobe Acrobat Reader that is free software available from the Adobe website. There is a link at the bottom of this section that takes you to the website, then just follow any instructions.

If you have any questions please contact us using the details below.

Downloadable documents

Icon Name of file Size Download time
Image Validation checklist updates 73 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Image Pre-application request form 729 KB 3secs @ 2Mbps
Image Acrobat measuring tools 1712 KB 7secs @ 2Mbps
Image Air Quality 1398 KB 6secs @ 2Mbps
Image Best Practice validation 339 KB 1secs @ 2Mbps
Image Biodiversity Checklist 204 KB 1secs @ 2Mbps
Image Guidance on Contaminated Land 462 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Image Guide to Drafting Access Statements 25 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Image Guide to writing Design & Access Statements 889 KB 4secs @ 2Mbps
Image How do I view & comment on planning applications online 4565 KB 18secs @ 2Mbps
Image Landscape Development Checklist 4030 KB 16secs @ 2Mbps
Image List of classified roads 17 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Image Notice No. 1 18 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Image Notice under Article 6 and 9 (1) of Appeal 77 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Image Notice under Article 6 of application for planning permission 81 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Image Parking Standards 50 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Image Planning application fees 2012 2460 KB 10secs @ 2Mbps
Image Sustainability checklist form 483 KB 2secs @ 2Mbps
Image Use Classes Order 2010 (Amended) 47 KB 0secs @ 2Mbps
Link to download Adobe Acrobat if required

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