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You are here:home > Environment > Pollution control > Air Quality > Air Quality Management in Southampton > Air Quality Management Areas

Air Quality Management Areas

AQMAWhere the review and assessment process has identified that air quality objectives are not being met Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA's) may be declared. Actions taken to improve air quality can be focused on these areas and their success measured by ongoing monitoring and assessment of these specific areas. Currently there are 10 AQMA's in the Southampton. These are:

Air Quality Management AreasCharacteristicsNO2 Levels - As Range of 2012 Annual Means Recorded at Roadside / Residential Facade5 Year TrendAnnual Mean NO2 Standard
AQMA 1 - Bevois Valley RoadQueuing traffic congestion at junctions36-52 ug/m3Reducing slightly40
AQMA 2 - Bitterne Road WestLinear heavily trafficked road into city centre from the east34-41 ug/m3Reducing slightly40
AQMA 3 - Winchester RoadQueuing traffic congestion at junctions38-45 ug/m3Reducing slightly40
AQMA 4 - Town Quay
Linear, heavily trafficked road, access to IOW ferries, cruise ship terminals
35-42 ug/m3N/A40
AQMA 5 - Millbrook Rd & Redbridge Rd (1 of 3)Linear heavily trafficked road into container port, high number of HGVs35-50 ug/m3Reducing slightly40
AQMA 5 - Millbrook Rd & Redbridge Rd (2 of 3)
AQMA 5 - Millbrook Rd & Redbridge Rd (3 of 3)
AQMA 6 - Romsey RoadQueuing traffic congestion at junctions40 ug/m3N/A40
AQMA 7 - (has now been merged with AQMA 5)N/AN/AN/AN/A
AQMA 8 - Commercial RoadQueuing traffic congestion at junctions44 ug/m3Reducing slightly40
AQMA 9 - Burgess RoadQueuing traffic congestion at junctions 34-46 ug/m3Reducing slightly40
AQMA 10 - New RoadQueuing traffic congestion at junctions 40-47 ug/m3Reducing slightly40
AQMA 11 - Victoria RoadQueuing traffic congestion at junctions 35-43 ug/m3Reducing slightly40

All of Southampton's 10 AQMAs have been declared for exceeding the nitrogen dioxide annual mean air quality standard. Source apportionment has shown that road vehicle emissions are the main source of the air pollution. Pollution levels drop off rapidly from the kerb of busy roads. In general, the air quality standard is only exceeded within 10metres, or often less from the kerb.

The actions taken to improve air quality in the AQMA's and across the city are described in the Councils Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP), adopted in April 2008.

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