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You are here:home > Environment > Roads > Roads, highways and pavement maintenance > Vehicle crossovers (dropped kerbs)

Vehicle crossovers (dropped kerbs)

Vehicle crossovers or dropped kerbsA vehicle crossover allows you to access your property safely and easily when you are using a car or other domestic vehicle. This is achieved by dropping the kerb from its normal height and strengthening the pavement or verge to take the weight of the vehicle crossing it. Please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.

To request an application pack the property owner needs to contact Actionline on 0800 519 1919 or e-mail

Once you have written permission from us, you can then make a choice as to who you would like to carry out the works to install your vehicle crossover. (You can use us, or an NRSWA accredited contractor of your choice).

Vehicle crossover Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a vehicle crossover?

A vehicle crossover allows you to access your property safely and easily when you are using a car or other domestic vehicle. This means that the kerbs are dropped from their normal height and the pavement or verge is strengthened to take the weight of the vehicle crossing it.

2. Why do I need a vehicle crossover?

We do not allow you to drive over a pavement or verge unless a vehicle crossover has been authorised and installed. This is because you may damage the pavement or any pipes or cables that are buried underneath it. The crossing allows you to pass safely from the carriageway preventing any obstructions to the highway.

3. Is planning permission required?

Planning permission is only required if the vehicle crossover is to be installed in a classified road. To find out if you live on a classified road, click on the List of Classified Roads link at the bottom of this page.

If planning permission is required, an application will need to be made to the planning department. We are unable to process applications until planning permission is granted.

4. How much does it cost to apply?

It is free, to apply for a vehicle crossover.
This includes;
A site inspection for suitability and;
A quotation for the installation of the vehicle crossing.

5. Can anyone construct a vehicle crossover?

Those seeking a vehicle crossing must obtain prior agreement from us and have the works carried out by Southampton City Council or an accredited private contractor. If possible, please notify us on your application form who you wish to complete the works, or at the latest, after receipt of the initial estimate from ourselves.

Please note: We have a duty to maintain our highways and protect it from damage. It is an offence to do any works on the highway without our permission.

6. What will be the total cost of my vehicle crossover?

The cost is dependent on the amount of work that needs to be done and who you use to complete the work. We would expect the average cost for a standard vehicle crossover to be in the region of £1600 inc VAT (Prices calculated as of January 2014). However, there are several factors that could possibly increase this figure, including:
Utility adjustment/diversion.
Street Furniture adjustment.
The size of the proposed vehicle crossover.
The proposed site of the vehicle crossover.

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