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You are here:home > Environment > Roads and parking > Traffic Management > Parking over driveways

Parking over driveways


The Highway Code (paragraph) 217 instructs drivers not to park their vehicle or trailer on the road where it would endanger, inconvenience or obstruct pedestrians or road users, an example being

In front of an entrance to a property”.

Vehicles obstructing driveways

Where vehicles are preventing access to or from a driveway, the Police have the capability to identify the vehicle owner and request the vehicle is moved. They can be contacted on their non emergency number of 0845 045 45 45.

It is planned in the near future for the Council’s Enforcement officers to be able to issue penalty charge notices for vehicles obstructing driveways, under new powers granted in June 2009. To get an update you can contact 023 8083 4600 or Email:

Bar Markings

In the instance of persistent cases of vehicles obstructing a driveway, it is possible to apply for a bar marking to be provided across a clearly defined dropped crossing access. The purpose of the marking is to advise all drivers to keep clear of the dropped kerb when parking.

Bar markings should not normally be necessary as Rule 243 of the Highway Code instructs vehicle drivers not to park in front of an entrance. Therefore, the Traffic Management team can only approve applications in exceptional circumstances. Any approved applications also remain subject to funding.

If you feel your situation warrants the provision of Bar Markings to deter inconsiderate parking, please complete the attached application form provided at the foot of this page and return it to the address provided on the form.

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