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Southampton Cycle Surveys

In October 2011, we carried out a major one-day survey of cyclists in the city. We had an extraordinary response to the survey, with 1,388 survey forms returned- probably the best achieved by a survey of cyclists in any UK city to date. This page provides links to some of the outputs of the survey.

By clicking the links in the section below, you can access and download:

  • A report on the findings of the survey;

  • A map showing the relative use of every road and cycle route in the city- our key output;

  • Maps showing destinations of cycle journeys in the city, locations of accidents involving cyclists, and locations of problems and improvements reported to us by survey respondents

Snapshot of one of the output maps from the Cycle SurveyCompared to the data previously available to us for planning the cycle network in the city, this data enables us to make a major leap forward in targeting our resources for best effect.

So what happens now? These results are being used to start tackling some of the worst accident spots. We have already begun to allocate funding to improving some key cycle routes and we are busy building the case to make improvements to more. We have used the survey results to bid for new funding to support these activities. So far the survey responses have been used to support:

  • A Local Sustainable Transport Fund bid to the Department for Transport, requesting funding to improve cycle links in Woolston and Sholing towards the city centre, as well as improving parts of several other important routes;

  • Building the case to carry out significant upgrades on the most heavily used corridors, tackling particular problem spots and upgrading sub-standard sections of heavily used routes;

  • Working with our maintenance providers to help better plan network repairs and to address poor road surfaces on key cycle corridors;

  • A bid for increased funding for school cycle training in the city;

  • Input on several city centre development projects towards better provision for cyclists as part of their design;

  • And working with the police to provide better intelligence about incident hotspots and general traffic policing.

Whilst these activities will take some time to come to fruition, we are confident that existing and new users of our cycle network will see the benefits of this work over the next few years.

Downloadable documents

Icon Name of file Size Download time
Image Cycle Survey-Summary Report 2092 KB 8secs @ 2Mbps
Image Cycle Survey- City-wide route usage map 3966 KB 16secs @ 2Mbps
Image Cycle Survey- Journey origins map 3881 KB 16secs @ 2Mbps
Image Cycle Survey- Journey destinations map 3880 KB 16secs @ 2Mbps
Image Cycle Survey- Reported danger spots map 3866 KB 15secs @ 2Mbps
Image Cycle Survey- Requested improvements map 3867 KB 15secs @ 2Mbps
Link to download Adobe Acrobat if required

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