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You are here:home > Environment > Transport > Local Transport Plan 3

Local Transport Plan 3

These pages are about the Southampton City Council's Local Transport Plan 3. This plan will guide development of the transport network within the city until 2031.

LTP3 sets out the strategy and policies for future transport development within the city, in line with government policies. It also sets Southampton City Council's priorities for transport projects, addressing a range of current and future challenges which impact on the transport network and influence people's travel behaviour and needs. These challenges include:

  • ensuring that the vitality of the local economy is supported and enhanced;
  • reducing the environmental impacts of travel and transport, whilst adapting to cope with the anticipated impacts of climate change;
  • delivery of improvements to transport during a period of restrictions on public finance in the short to medium-term;
  • addressing the increasing problem of obesity and other health problems related to a lack of exercise through widening the range of travel options available to people;
  • improving access to the port and improving accessibility around the city in general; and
  • maintaining progress on improving road safety achieved during the previous LTP.

LTP3 is split into two key sections:

  • A strategy section, outlining the city's long term strategy towards 2031; and
  • An implementation plan section, outlining how the strategy and policies set out will be put in to practice. This implementation plan will detail planned spending on transport improvements and maintenance between 2011 and 2014

Working together as a part of Transport for South Hampshire, the strategy and policies within Southampton's LTP3 have been developed in partnership with Hampshire County Council and Portsmouth City Council. This ensures that transport issues beyond Southampton's boundaries, but which directly affect Southampton, are effectively addressed.

The adopted LTP3 can be viewed and downloaded from the link below. Associated SEA, Integrated Impact Assessment consultation summary documents can also be viewed and downloaded using the links below.

Should you have any views or comments you would like to discuss, please use the contact details below to contact the Transport Policy Team.

Downloadable documents

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Image Local Transport Plan 3 3049 KB 12secs @ 2Mbps
Image Southampton LTP3 Appendices 8711 KB 35secs @ 2Mbps
Image LTP3 Consultation Summary Document 956 KB 4secs @ 2Mbps
Link to download Adobe Acrobat if required

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