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You are here:home > Environment > Trees > Trees in conservation areas

Trees in conservation areas

A conservation area is an area of special historical or architectural interest that the Council intend to preserve or enhance. Within a conservation area the council has extra controls over a number of factors including the protection of trees.

There are 20 conservation areas in Southampton, all of varying sizes. Only trees with a trunk diameter greater than 75mm at 1.5m above ground level are protected.

Questions about conservation areas

1. Can tree works be carried out on trees protected by a conservation area?

6 weeks written notification must be provided to the council. The government has a form that can be used, this is called a 1APP.

The 1APP can be made online at the Planning Portal, downloaded from our webpage or a request can be made for a form to be posted. Guidance notes are also available.

If you are unsure what works are required we would suggest getting a tree surgeon to inspect the tree (or trees). A tree surgeon can also make a 1APP on behalf of a customer.

The notification allows time for a tree officer to visit the site and assess if the work is appropriate. In certain situations a tree preservation order may be placed on a tree/s to prevent works being carried out.

2. What happens if someone prunes a protected tree without giving notice?

Pruning a tree without giving six weeks notice can lead to prosecution and a fine of up to £2,500. Destroying a tree without giving six weeks notice can lead to a fine of up to £20,000.

3. Are some tree works exempt?

If the tree or parts of the tree are dead, dying or dangerous then works can be done without a notification. However it will be up to the person pruning the tree to prove that the tree was dead, dying or dangerous.

Therefore if you intend to carry out work on a tree in this situation you should give the council five days notice by contacting the trees team.

4. Can trees be protected by a conservation area and a tree preservation order?

Yes. Some properties have trees protected by a conservation area and a tree preservation order. For example trees in a front garden may be protected by a conservation area and trees in the back garden may be protected by a tree preservation order.

If unsure of the status of trees on a property, complete the online form for a TPO check. The trees team will check for conservation areas, tree preservation orders, ex-council deed of covenant and development landscaping conditions.

5. Where are the 20 conservation areas?

There are further pages online about the 20 conservation areas in Southampton.

6. Can I check the status of a notification?

Yes, the status of a 1APP can be checked online.

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