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You are here:home > Leisure > Arts and Heritage > Family and local history > Titanic > Titanic Societies

Titanic Societies

Those with a continuing interest in Titanic may like to join one of the following organisations.

Titanic Organisations

1. Addergoole Titanic Society

Addergoole Titanic Society
The Dispensary
Co. Mayo

2. Belfast Titanic Society

Belfast Titanic Society
32 Heatherstone Road
County Down
Northern Ireland
BT19 6AE
Journal: CQD

3. The British Titanic Society

The British Titanic Society
PO Box 401
Hope Carr Way
Leigh, Lancs. WN7 3BB
Journal: The Atlantic Daily Bulletin

4. Irish Titanic Historical Society

Irish Titanic Historical Society
4 Fancourt Road
Co Dublin
Journal: White Star Journal

5. Scandinavian Titanic Society

Scandinavian Titanic Society
Box 2011
SE-103 11 Stockholm
Postgiro: 14 37 51-6
Journal: Ocean Ferry

6. The Titanic Historical Society, Inc

The Titanic Historical Society, Inc
PO Box 51053
208 Main Street
Indian Orchard
Massachusetts 01151-0053
United States of America
Journal: The Titanic Commutator

7. Titanic International Inc.

Titanic International Inc.
PO Box 416
Midland Park
New Jersey 07342-0416
United States of America
Journal: Voyage

8. The Switzerland Titanic Society

The Switzerland Titanic Society
8152 Glattbrugg
Journal: Titanic Post (in German)

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