Child employment and work experience

Employers of school aged children are required by law to register any child who works for them. To prevent exploitation, the council's Juvenile Employment Officer monitors and regulates school-aged children in work.

Employers can be prosecuted for employing a child illegally.

  • You must register all school age employees
  • You must not employ school age children in a prohibited occupation
  • You must not allow school age children to work outside the hours permitted by the child employment byelaws

We carry out random checks on workplaces that employ children of school age

Important things to remember

  • All young people in paid work must hold a work permit
  • You cannot employ a child of school age before 7am or after 7pm
  • You are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the children when they are at work and must provide protective clothing where necessary
  • You must carry out a risk assessment and inform the parents of any control measures taken

Apply for an employment permit for a child

  • The child's parent or guardian will need to sign the form
  • Send the completed form to Southampton City Council, Children in Employment Officer, 1st Floor, North Block, Civic Centre, Southampton, SO14 7LY
  • An employment permit may then be issued for the child to carry while working

Apply for a child employment permit