Guidance to resolving issues with making an online application.

Choosing preferences

  • You should choose three different schools, ranked in the order you would want to accept them. Not doing this may affect your chances of being offered a place at a school you like
  • Naming the same school multiple times will waste a choice and will not raise the likelihood of obtaining a place at that school
  • If you do not apply to your catchment area school you may not be offered a place there
  • If you are unsuccessful with your preferences you will be offered a place at the catchment school if it has vacancies. If there are no vacancies at your catchment school, you will be allocated a place at your nearest school with vacancies that is prepared to offer a place.

Please note that some schools do not have catchment areas and some addresses do not have catchment schools.

Common application issues

I have entered my child's date of birth and it says there is 'no admission group found'

The online admissions system can only be used for phased transfers:

  • Children starting school in year R
  • Children transferring from infant to junior school in year 3
  • Children transferring from primary/junior to secondary school in year 7

If you are trying to make an in-year application, please read our in-year transfer guidance.

What is a UID?

A UID is a Unique Identifier. If we have sent you a UID, please use this when applying. If you have not received a UID from us, or are having trouble using it, please use the 'No UID' button to proceed.

I cannot find my child's current school or the school I am trying to apply for

The search screen initially shows schools that have the same part postcode as your child's address (e.g. SO14). Please remove the part postcode and change the 'Schools Located In' drop down menu to the local authority that the school is part of (e.g. Southampton).

I've added one preference, how do I add another?

To add a second preference, search for schools again and select the one required.