Guidance for submitting your online admissions application.

Completing the application in stages

  • You do not have to submit your application straight away
  • You can save what you have completed and come back to it at a later date
  • Make sure you submit your application before the closing date

Confirmation of submission

  • You will receive a confirmation email when you submit your application
  • If you log into the online application system, your application will show as 'Application submitted'

Additional information required to support your application

  • If you are applying to a faith school, please complete the Supplementary Information Form and return it to the school
  • If you are claiming a preference based on a medical or psychological need, please send the medical evidence to the Admissions team by post or email, clearly marked with the child's name and date of birth
  • If you have moved house, please send proof of the change of address to the Admissions team, clearly marked with the child's name and date of birth

All submitted applications will be processed by the Admissions team after the closing date.