If your child did not receive a place at your first choice school, they will be placed on the waiting list for the schools ranked higher in your application. Unsuccessful late applications will also be placed on the waiting list according to the priorities set in the admissions policies.

Offer of a place

If places become available, they will be offered to children on the waiting list, according to the priorities set out in the admissions policies.

Any previously offered places will be withdrawn and offered to another child. We will not contact you to ask if you want the place before making the offer and withdrawing your existing place.

Removal from the waiting list

If you are satisfied with the school place offered, you must contact the admissions team informing them that you do not want your child to be on the waiting list. You can do this by emailing us at school.admissions@southampton.gov.uk

Managing the waiting lists

Waiting lists will be maintained by the Admissions Manager at Southampton City Council for all community and voluntary controlled schools. Waiting lists will be held until the end of the summer term.