Great Oaks School expansion

Consultation on proposals to expand Great Oaks School

In order to ensure fair access to educational opportunity and promote the fulfilment of every child's educational potential, it is proposed that Great Oaks Special School should expand from its current capacity of 178 pupils, to a maximum capacity of up to 212 pupils for September 2017, agreed by the LA on a pupil by pupil basis. The initial increase in September 2017 will take the funded pupil number up to 200. The additional 12 places are subject to the development of an ARB (Additional Resource Base) for pupils with ASC (Autistic Spectrums Conditions) but it is important to note that this would be in place of the existing ARB at Bitterne Park Secondary School.

The expansion would allow Great Oaks Special School to meet the current projected demand. The expansion would be facilitated by adapting an on-site classroom and by potentially making use of off-site resource provision on the same site as the existing special needs provision at Bitterne Park School.

Capital Funding for the expansion would come from the Schools Access Initiative in the Children's and Families Portfolio Capital Programme.

Admission and transport arrangements for pupils attending the school will not be affected by these proposals.


There were four weeks of statutory consultation on the draft proposals from Thursday 16 March 2017 to Wednesday 12 April 2017 (the vast majority of which was in school term time).

There are several options being considered under this proposal and action beyond the consultation will depend on the outcome. The proposal is to have additional Special School Provision in place for September 2017.

This statutory consultation closed on 12 April 2017.


The proposals were approved by Cabinet on 18 April 2017.