Non-refundable booking fee

A booking fee of £55 is payable for booking a marriage, civil partnership, naming or renewal of vows ceremony. This fee confirms the date, time and place of your ceremony and does not come off the final balance.

Any changes to the time, date or venue will be subject to an amendment fee of £35.

All marriage or civil partnership bookings are made on condition that notice of marriage is given within three calendar months of the booking.

For marriage or civil partnership ceremonies booked more than a year ahead, notice must be given within three months once notice can be given.

For marriage or civil partnership ceremonies that are due to take place within three months of the booking, the notice appointment must be made at the time of booking or as soon as possible if giving notice in another district.

We reserve the right to cancel any bookings where notice has not been given within the specified timescale.

The fee for giving notice (marriage and civil partnership)

Appointment to give notice of marriage or civil partnership is £35 for each person (£70 per couple).

This is a statutory fee set by the Government. Your ceremony cannot proceed if legal notice has not been given.

The notice fee is non-refundable and is payable at the time of booking the notice appointment. The marriage or civil partnership can only take place at the venue you name on the notice and is only valid for one year from the date notice is given. If you change the venue it would be necessary to give, and pay for, fresh notices.

Please note there is an additional non-refundable fee of £10 per person for a Saturday notice appointment.

The documents you are required to produce in order to give notice are specified in law. Failure to bring the correct documents to your notice appointment, may result in the notice not being taken. A follow-up appointment fee of £35 per person will apply.

From 1 November 2017, a non-refundable fee of up to £75 is payable per document at the time of your notice appointment, for the consideration of any divorce or civil partnership dissolution granted outside the British Isles.

The fee for the registrar

This is the fee for your ceremony and is set annually by Southampton City Council.

If you have chosen to hold your ceremony in one of our ceremony rooms at Bugle Street or at Westgate Hall, the fee includes the hire of the room and the registrars.

For ceremonies taking place in one of our approved premises, you will be required to pay the venue directly for the hire of the room in addition to the registrar’s fee, which is paid separately to Southampton City Council.

The ceremony fee is payable three months before the ceremony or at the point that notice of marriage is given if the ceremony has been booked less than three months ahead.

Cancelling a ceremony

If you need to move or cancel your ceremony with us for any reason, we have a detailed cancellation policy which will determine whether you are entitled to a refund of all or part of your fee.

This is dependent on the fees you have already paid and how far in advance you notify us of the cancellation.

All cancellations must be confirmed in writing. Cancellation will only be accepted from either of the parties. Payments will be refunded depending on the amount of notice given and will be refunded to the original payee:

  • Three calendar months or more – full refund (minus £35.00 administration fee)
  • One to three calendar months – 50% refund (minus £35.00 administration fee)
  • Less than one calendar month (or failure to cancel) or due to circumstances beyond the control of the authority which deem for the ceremony not to go ahead – no refund


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