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Where do I give notice?

If you are not subject to immigration control you will attend the Register Office in the district where you live. The easiest way to work out the right Register Office is to look at who your council area is or who you pay your council tax to. If you live in different areas you will need to go to different Register Offices.

If either of you are subject to immigration control you must give your notice of marriage or civil partnership at a designated register office. Southampton Registration Services are proud to be one of the designated offices but if it is easier for you to visit a different area you will need to choose a designated office.

You must have been resident in the district where you live for at least seven clear days. This really means eight nights residency before you can attend your appointment.

Please note that if either of you are subject to immigration control the usual 28-day waiting notice period may be extended to 70 days if the Home Office decide that they need more time for their investigations. We would strongly recommend that you think about these timings as you are making your arrangements.

What documents do I need to give notice?

To give a notice of marriage or civil partnership you will need to provide evidence of your age, name, nationality, address and marital status (this is not an exhaustive list, as every person is unique).

You will need to provide original documents as photocopies are not acceptable. You may need to have your documents translated ready for your notice of marriage or civil partnership appointment.

What happens after we have given notice?

After the notice of intention to marry or form a civil partnership appointment, your details will be displayed for 28 day clear days. These include the details you gave to the registrar, but do not worry, the date and time are personal to you and will not be publicised. Once the 28-day notice waiting period has expired, your details will be removed from public display, and your authorities are usually then produced (unless the Home Office have extended their investigations to 70 days, if you are subject to immigration control).

If your ceremony is with Southampton Registration Services, we will send you a link to our website which guides you through the details of the day. This will allow you to complete your notes for ceremony online ready for the big day. The notes for ceremony tells us exactly what details are important to you, so that we can get it right.

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