Adult Social Care Survey FAQs

We are currently running the annual Adult Social Care Survey for 2023-24. Read on to find out more about the survey.

Who is conducting this survey?

This national survey is being carried out on behalf of NHS England. All local authorities with adult social care responsibilities in England, including Southampton City Council, have to carry out this survey every year. This is the 13th time that we have carried out this survey.

What is the purpose of this survey?

The results will be used by Southampton City Council and NHS England to monitor how effectively we are supporting long term service users. We will use the results of the survey to inform decisions about how services are supplied, so it is vital that as many service users as possible complete the survey and return it to us.

The survey focuses on the implementation of the 2014 Care Act which aims to deliver greater personalisation to service users. It asks service users about their quality of life, choice and control, the impact of services and their general health and wellbeing. There was also a new question about loneliness introduced last year.

Carer’s services are not included in the survey.

What information is being collected?

The survey contains 25 questions relating to:

  • The impact of services
  • Control over daily living
  • Safety
  • Social contact
  • Finding information about services
  • General wellbeing

The responses will be aggregated and then published by NHS England to monitor satisfaction with long term services we provide. Southampton as a location will be identifiable in these results, but individuals will not be identifiable.

When is the survey being sent out?

This survey will be sent to 1,300 long term service users during early January 2024. Reminder letters and questionnaires will be sent out to non-respondents in early February.

Who is eligible to receive a questionnaire?

Anyone aged 18 or over who is receiving adult social care services funded by the council is eligible to receive a questionnaire. The service could be residential care, nursing care, domiciliary care, day care or a direct payment.

How is my personal data protected during the survey?

The survey has been subject to a Data Protection Impact Assessment by the council and all personally identifiable information will be held securely and not shared inappropriately with anyone else. The information collected about you during this survey will only be used for the purposes of research. We may use it to contact you about this.

We will only share your information with other organisations or council departments if we need to.

The survey responses will be analysed by Southampton City Council and NHS England. We may also share it to prevent, investigate or prosecute criminal offences, or as the law otherwise allows.

Please be aware that any comments given on this form may be published in reports. However, the council will endeavour to remove any references that could identify individuals or organisations.

Our Privacy Policy explains how we handle your personal data, and we can provide a copy if you are unable to access the Internet. You find further information at the Information Commissioner's Office.

The survey has also been subject to ethical review by the Social Care Research Ethics Committee.

Visually impaired and non-English speakers

Service users with a visual impairment will receive a large print version of the questionnaire. People who cannot read English will have the opportunity to fill in a Translation Request Sheet so we can send a version of the questionnaire in their own language.

More information on the survey can be found from Adult Social Care User Survey (ASCS) 2023-24 guidance and materials for council.

The national report for the previous Adult Social Care Survey can be found at Personal Social Services Adult Social Care Survey, England, 2022-23.

If you need help completing the survey, please: