Deferred payments

Deferred payments

What is the ‘deferred payments scheme’? SHOW

Can I apply for a deferred payment? SHOW

Can the City Council refuse to offer a deferred payment? SHOW

How does the scheme work? SHOW

How do Southampton City Council value my property? SHOW

Are there any charges or interest attached to the deferred payment? SHOW

What is the ‘12 week property disregard’? SHOW

Will I be required to maintain the property? SHOW

What is the Legal Agreement and Legal Charge? SHOW

How can I end the agreement? SHOW

Can I add the cost of my top up charges to the deferred payment? SHOW

How do I apply to use the deferred payments scheme? SHOW

Where can I get advice? SHOW

You can also download the deferred payment agreement - what you need to know information in PDF format.