Your contribution explained

People who receive social care services are asked to complete a financial assessment to calculate whether they will be asked to contribute to the cost of their care, known as the client contribution.

If you choose not to complete a financial assessment, you will have to pay the full cost of your care.

There is guidance that explains your contributions for non-residential adult social care services and the way contributions are assessed and calculated in line with Southampton City Council policy.

You can download an easy read leaflet Understanding what you have to pay or for more detailed information download the Your contribution explained guide.

These also give details on:

  • What parts of your income we consider
  • Current benefit rate levels
  • The maximum contribution rates you can be expected to pay
  • Other useful advice on how to seek advice and help

This includes information about disability related expenditure, what happens if your care is cancelled and who to contact if you are finding difficulty in paying your client contribution.

Change of circumstances

It is important that you provide us with up to date information so that your contribution can be calculated correctly.

If you have a change in your financial circumstances, like a change in the income you receive, or any extra savings you have because of an inheritance or the sale of a property, you must tell us as your contribution will need to be reviewed. 

Find out more about change of circumstances.