A to Z of Council Services

Half term

Information on school term dates and holidays.

More about... School terms

Hate crime and harassment

Hate crime is when a person, or group of people, bullies or hurts someone because they don't like who they are.

More about... Hate crime and harassment

Have your say

Have your say on various issues

More about... Have your say

Help for homeowners

Advice if you have an empty property

More about... Help for homeowners

Help to stay at home

Information on the services we offer that can help you live independently in your own home.

More about... Help to stay at home

HMO licence fees

More about... HMO licence fees

HMO regulations

More about... HMO regulations

HMO safety and standards

More about... HMO safety and standards

Home schooling

More about... Elective Home Education


Homebid is the choice-based lettings partnership between Southampton City Council and partner Housing Associations.

More about... Homebid

Homelessness advice

More about... Homelessness advice

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Homeseekers Lettings Service

If you have a property that you would like some help in finding a tenant for, the council’s Homeseekers Lettings Service could help you find one.

More about... Homeseekers Lettings Service

Hospital discharge

After a stay in hospital, the Urgent Response Service helps you maintain or regain your ability and confidence to live at home.

More about... Going home from hospital

Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs)

Landlords have a statutory duty to apply for a licence for a property that has multiple occupancy.

More about... Houses in Multiple Occupancy

Housing Act 2004 - Enforcement fees

More about... Housing Act 2004 - Enforcement fees

Housing Benefit overpayments

Information about Housing Benefit overpayments

More about... Housing benefit overpayments

Housing repairs for council tenants

Information for council tenants about requesting a repair to a roof, chimney or drain.

More about... Council housing repairs

Housing support for older people

Information about housing for older people.

More about... Housing support for older people

Housing support for older people - FAQ

Frequently asked questions relating to housing support for older people.

More about... Housing support for older people - FAQ

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