A to Z of Council Services

Reading groups

Including a list of books for the year.

More about... Reading groups


Job vacancies, work experience, apprenticeships and volunteering at Southampton City Council.

More about... Recruitment


More about... Recycling Centre


More about... Bins

Register Office

Register births and deaths, plus information on marriages and civil partnerships.

More about... Southampton Register Office

Register to vote

More about... Register to vote

Registering births and deaths

More about... Register a birth

Also see

Renew a library item

More about... Renew your item


More about... Rent

Rent - council tenants

More about... Pay your rent

Rent account

More about... Rent account


We have constructed a comprehensive guide on helping you to find a home or rent a room out.

More about... Renting

Renting a safe home

More about... Renting a safe home

Repair charges - council tenants

Charges for repairs - council tenancy.

More about... Repair charges - council tenants

Repair issues in your private rented home

More about... Repair issues in your private rented home

Repairs and improvements to your home

More about... Repairs and improvements to your home

Report a repair

More about... Report a repair

Report an issue with your rented home

More about... Report an issue with your rented home

Resident and visitor permits

A permit is required to park in residents permit zones during restricted hours. Please read these pages carefully so that you do not get a parking ticket.

More about... Resident and visitor permits

Residential care homes

More about... Residential care homes

Right to Buy

The right to buy is a government scheme that allows council tenants to buy their council rented home at a lower price than the full market value.

More about... Right to Buy

Riverside Park

More about... Riverside Park


More about... Roadworks and congestion maps

Online services

Rough sleepers

Help for the homeless at winter

More about... Winter weather advice


We supply different bins/boxes and sacks for different types of rubbish, recycling and garden waste.

More about... Rubbish and bins

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