Reasons for a missed bin collection

Why hasn't my bin been emptied?

If your bins have not been emptied this could be due to a number of reasons. Most common reasons (but not limited to) are:

Why was my waste not collected? What does this mean? What should I do?
Bin contains the wrong items/is contaminated Check you are using the correct bin and not using the bins for items which cannot be collected by the council, like rubble or clinical waste. Remove contamination and we will collect on the next scheduled collection day.
Bin too heavy For health and safety reasons, the bin must be easily and safely manoeuvrable by one person. A bin can become too heavy when waste gets wet, overly compacted or contains heavier items, like rubble or lots of food. Remove the items making your bin too heavy and we will collect on the next scheduled collection day.
Bin not out Bins need to be put out on the boundary of your property by 6:30am on your collection day. We will empty your bin on the next scheduled collection day if put out correctly.
Waste is stuck The waste in the bin jammed and so the crew were unable to empty your bin. Please loosen the waste and put your bin out on your next scheduled collection day.
Excess household waste Sacks left around your bin are classed as excess waste and will not be collected. Please either place the waste in your bin for your next scheduled collection day or take it to one of the local recycling centres.
Black sacks with your garden waste As per the terms and conditions of the service, sacks of garden waste out with your normal garden waste bin is known as side waste and so will not be taken. Please empty the sacks into your garden waste bin and leave out at your next garden waste collection day.
Damaged bin Our collection crew found your bin was too damaged to be manoeuvred safely. A replacement has been ordered for you and will be delivered as soon as possible. Please bag your household waste until your new bin arrives. Recycling must be in clear bags.
Road or property access blocked Roads or entrances can be blocked by vehicles or obstructions, gates being locked, road works so we can't get to your bin. Please leave your bin out and we will return within 48 hours
Wrong bin out for collection Your collection crew have reported that the wrong bin was out for collection, like a general waste bin out on recycling week. Please check your waste collection calendar and place the right bin out on the scheduled day.
Bin missed We may have accidentally missed your bin. Please report your missed bin online within 48 hours of your scheduled collection day.

Why don't you take extra rubbish?

Around 70% of household waste is recyclable so there should be no need to create extra rubbish. We are committed to reducing the waste we send for disposal and increasing what we recycle. The best way to do this is through encouraging residents to make use of the blue-lidded recycling bins or look into composting your waste. You can also find out more on the reduce, reuse, recycle webpage for more information on how to reduce waste.