Clinical waste

Clinical Waste collection is arranged through your doctor’s surgery or healthcare centre and begins after they have made a referral to us. Please contact your surgery or healthcare centre if you need to use this service.

You may wish to use this service if you need to dispose of:

  • Used medical dressings contaminated with body fluids or blood
  • Used syringes and needles
  • Used sanitary products (Sanpro) waste, for example incontinence pads, colostomy and urine bags
  • Other waste from a person who is suffering from an infectious disease

Due to the infectious nature of some clinical waste, it is classified as hazardous waste under the law and requires safe disposal. Another term for this is offensive waste. More information about healthcare waste can be found at GOV.UK

Collection arrangements

We will write to you to confirm your collection arrangements once we have a referral from your surgery or healthcare centre.

  • Yellow bag collections are normally arranged for regular collections on agreed days
  • Sharps boxes (for example syringes or needles). We deliver the first box and then you will need to email us when it is almost full and needs replacing

If you have any questions about the clinical or healthcare waste service, please email