Orange bags

What can go in the orange clinical waste bags?

  • Medical dressings contaminated with bodily fluid or blood
  • Used sanitary products, for example incontinence pads, empty colostomy and urine bags
  • Other waste from a person who is suffering from an infectious disease

Please check

  • All waste is double bagged and placed inside orange Clinical waste bags provided
  • Bags are not overfilled and weigh no more than 9kg
  • Bags are tied securely
  • Any fluid in colostomy and urine bags is flushed down the toilet and not put in the bags.
  • Bags only contain clinical waste

Please make sure that no syringes or sharp objects are placed in the bag, under any circumstances

We may not be able to collect your clinical waste if it is not presented properly or contains the wrong items.

Orange bags are usually collected regularly on an agreed day.