A-Z of recycling

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Garden waste

Garden waste can either be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre for composting or you can subscribe to the Council’s garden waste service. Sign up for the garden waste service online

The council works with a national company to provide cheaper home composters, see the Get Composting website and enter your postcode.

Gas bottles

Please contact the manufacturer supplier first to check if they are able to take the item back for re-use/refilling or disposal or they can be taken to a Household Waste Recycling Centre. They will only accept gas bottles up to 15kg in size either propane or butane. Balloon gas bottles are also accepted.

Glass bottles and jars can be placed in the grey box, glass wheeled bin or glass bank to be taken for recycling. Please remove all lids. Broken bottles and jars or other types of glass such as drinking glasses, kitchen glass (Pyrex), windows/mirrors and vases must be disposed of in the green-lidded general waste bin. Please wrap them safely in paper, place in a carrier bag and seal.

Properties with individual bins should have a grey glass collection box. Properties with communal bins will either have a shared wheeled bin or a nearby glass bank. Glass bottles and jars can also be taken to your local recycling centre or deposited in one of the many glass bottle recycling banks in Southampton.

Good quality glass items could be taken to a charity shop or given to SCRATCH a local charity that helps people in need.

SCRATCH are based at 33 Mount Pleasant Industrial Estate, SO14 0SP. Telephone: 023 8077 3132 or email: reception@scratchcharity.co.uk

Glasses can be taken to most opticians where they are normally donated to Vision Aid. Vision Aid sells some frames for reuse and others are recycled to raise funds for the charity.

Greaseproof paper

Greaseproof paper and other waxy type paper such as butter wrappers cannot be recycled in the blue lidded recycling bin. They are not water absorbent and become difficult to recycle due to the waxy residue. Please place in your green-lidded general waste bin.