A-Z of recycling

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All kinds of magazines, glossy and plain can be recycled in the blue lidded recycling bin.

Margarine and butter tubs
Plastic tubs and pots cannot be recycled in the blue-lidded recycling bin. Please place in your green lidded general waste bin.

Marine flares
The council is unable to take flares which are classed as explosives and hazardous waste. Contact the place where you originally bought the flares to check whether they accept them back. You can visit the Royal Yachting Association for advice.

Please take unwanted medicines back to your local chemist for disposal.

Mobile phones
Mobile phones can be re-used or recycled. Charity shops take them to raise funds. Mobiles can be re-used in other countries or broken down here by recycling companies for the metals. They can be taken back to mobile phone shops or sold via on-line sites, Try entering the words ‘sell my mobile phone’ and you will see a number of company websites.

Please do not place computers and monitors in any of your household bins. Old and broken computers and printers can be taken to a Household Waste Recycling Centre for recycling. Good quality working computers and other office equipment such as printers, faxes and cartridges can be taken to Jamie’s Computer Club based at Unit 32, Mount Pleasant Industrial Estate in Mount Pleasant Road. These are sold to raise funds for St James Charity for the Homeless. Please check first if your computer meets the minimum specification needed. Telephone: 023 8063 2198.

Musical instruments
Good quality instruments can be taken to a charity shop. Sue Ryder charity shop in Portswood has a specialised guitar section