A-Z of recycling

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Office furniture

Old and broken office furniture from your home can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Residents can take old furniture to a household waste Recycling Centre free of charge. The council also runs a Bulky Items collection service

Good quality furniture is accepted at a number of charity shops for re-use and also SCRATCH a local charity that helps people in need. Some pick up free but check first.

Socialbox.biz is a social enterprise developed to help dispose of redundant office clutter and ensure that everything is dealt with safely, securely and environmentally. Additionally, through our ongoing research and development efforts with partner organizations, we are also realizing the vision of creating secondary products from otherwise redundant items and discovering new methods of reclaiming useful materials.

SocialBox.biz Trading Enterprises Limited Harben House, Harben Parade,
Finchley Road LONDON, NW3 6LH
Telephone: 08432 895722
email: info@socialbox.biz