Blue-lid recycling bin

The following items can go in your blue-lid recycling bin:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper (including newspapers, magazines, junk mail)
  • Phone books and directories
  • Plastic bottles e.g. drinks, toiletries, cleaning products
  • Food tins, drink cans, metal sweet and biscuit tins
  • Empty aerosols e.g. deodorants, hair sprays, polish
Please rinse empty tins and cans and plastic bottles. If possible, please remove lids, tops and trigger sprays from plastic bottles and place them in your general waste bin.

Please do not put your recycling in black sacks or plastic bags.

What not to put in your blue-lid recycling bin

Please think carefully about what goes in. If your recycling bin contains items we can’t recycle, it can make the rest of your recycling unusable.

Please do not put the following items in your blue-lid recycling bin:

Plastic recycling video