Recycling asbestos

Standard-sized cement-bonded asbestos sheets (approximately 120cm x 60cm) can be taken to one of five Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) in Hampshire that are specially licensed to receive this type of hazardous waste. No other types of asbestos are accepted.

  • Andover - 012 6435 3438
  • Basingstoke - 012 5635 2984
  • Efford - 015 9067 1874
  • Netley - 023 8040 3960
  • Portsmouth - 023 9238 7015

Please note: You must phone the HWRC in advance to pre-book acceptance or you may not be able to deposit your cement-bonded asbestos.

For health and safety reasons, all whole sheets should be wrapped securely in plastic sheeting and transported whole. Small or broken pieces should be double bagged and securely sealed. Avoid breaking the material where possible.

For guidance on safe handling, please visit the Health and Safety Executive website or contact them on 0300 003 1747.