Clothing and textiles

Clothing and other textiles need never go in the bin as they are put to good use no matter what their condition. Good quality items can be reused but those that are no longer fit to wear will be used to make new products such as seat padding or insulation.

Charity shops will welcome clothes, shoes and other textiles, as well as other household goods, such as crockery, books, toys and games.

Textile banks are located around the city and raise money for various charities and local schools.

Marks & Spencer have teamed up with Oxfam to enable customers to donate unwanted clothing. Shwopped items are resold, reused or recycled and allow Oxfam to fund all sorts of vital projects around the world. 
So next time you’re clearing a space in your wardrobe, drop any unwanted clothes into your bag and drop them off in a Shwop box at your nearest M&S.