Compost all you can

Composting is such an easy thing to do and will provide you with lots of nutrient rich, free compost for your garden or plant pots.

It is not only your garden clippings and veggie peelings, but all these items are organic and will also compost well:

  • Egg shells, tea bags and coffee grounds
  • Shredded paper can be added in layers between the organic material
  • Dust from your vacuum cleaner bag
  • Straw from the rabbit or guinea pig hutch
  • Cut flowers
  • Tissues, paper towels and paper napkins
  • Ashes and charcoal from the fire or barbecue

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Too much green waste to compost?

Southampton City Council's garden waste collection service provides a fortnightly collection from the kerbside. We provide a brown lidded wheelie bin which is a clean and convenient way to dispose of your garden waste.

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