Gambling Act 2005 Consultation

Southampton City Council, along with all other licensing authorities, is required to prepare, adopt and publish a "Statement of Principles” (SoP) setting out the Council's approach to applications under the Act and the information it expects applicants to provide and to review it every three years.

The Statement of Principles guides the administration of licensing under the Gambling Act 2005 and will assist in ensuring that an appropriate balance is drawn between the interests of those wishing to provide and take part in legal gambling and those who might be adversely affected by such activities. The Council continues to work with the Police, licence holders, and other agencies to achieve this objective.

The Statement of Principles is one of a number of strategies which form part of a coordinated approach to dealing with the community safety, crime and disorder, and wellbeing issues which may arise. The Council is working with other partner agencies to ensure that these strategies are properly integrated.

A revised Statement of Principles was reported to the Southampton City Council Licensing Committee meeting on 1st July 2021, and was agreed to be published for formal consultation with various agencies business and community representatives as of Monday 5th July 2021. The consultation will run for a period of 12 weeks ending on 26 September 2021. Subject to the consultation and any changes made to it by the Council the SoP will be the adopted Council policy from 31st January 2022 to 31st January 2025 inclusive.

The draft Statement of Principles is available at . Please complete the questionnaire on our website to read more about the proposals and to give us your views. The revised document is in accordance with guidance issued by the Gambling Commission, details of which are available on their website, . A printed version of this document is available on request.