Vaccination Champions and One Southampton

Southampton City Council were awarded a grant of £485k specifically for the recruitment of Vaccination Champions within the community to promote COVID-19 vaccinations.

Why Southampton needs Vaccination Champions

Around 80% of our residents are now fully vaccinated which is fantastic. However, that leaves 20% of our residents unvaccinated. Southampton is one of 60 Local Authorities across the country with lower vaccination rates. Vaccination Champions will work deeper within the community to help people to access information about COVID-19 vaccines to help them make their decision.

What are Vaccination Champions?

Vaccination Champions are being recruited from Community Partners, Charities, Local Businesses and Groups to help people to access COVID-19 vaccines. There are many reasons why individuals haven’t yet had their vaccine, including:

  • Little or no access to the internet to book a vaccine appointment
  • Being unaware of the programme of walk-in clinics around the City
  • Uncertain, and have lots of questions about, the vaccines

Vaccination Champions will be helping people in a variety of ways to address these reasons and identify new ways to help the community access the answers they need.

What is One Southampton?

One Southampton is the communications campaign that forms part of the Vaccination Champions programme. Regardless of what religion we are, what our ethnicity is or what our beliefs and traditions are, we live side by side; we are One Southampton and we are Stronger Together. The campaign will provide Vaccination Champions with the materials they need to support activities in helping people across the City access the COVID-19 vaccinations.

How to become a Vaccination Champion

If you are interested in becoming a Vaccination Champion please complete the following form:


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