COVID Local Support Scheme

The Government has extended its Winter Support fund and renamed it the COVID Local Support Grant. It is designed to directly help families and individuals who have been hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with the majority set aside to ensure that the city’s children do not go hungry.

Southampton City Council is set to receive £847,000 to run new scheme until 30 September 2021.

Food vouchers for families

All children in the city that are eligible for free school meals will be able to receive this extra help directly from their schools. Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to offer this provision to those who are not in receipt of Free School Meals.

There will also be a separate scheme for teenagers that have recently left care, and direct support to families of young children that would be eligible for the pupil premium, including those who have a parent serving in the Armed Forces.

For those parents who are awaiting their voucher from Blackhawk or are having issues with redeeming their vouchers, please see some of the frequently asked questions that may assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a voucher has been sent incorrectly to an old email address – How can I change the address and resend? SHOW

If a voucher has not been received (but the email address is correct), how can I check delivery and where the voucher currently is? SHOW

What is the best way of contacting Blackhawk regarding a voucher? SHOW

For further information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions sheet. This is also available in the following languages:

Additional support with food and utility costs

The remainder of the funding will be available for any other residents that find themselves struggling. This money will provide support towards food costs, utilities and other essential items. Access to support is available through a professional’s referral network, meaning that residents should be able to access help via the professionals that they are already in contact with. Find out more about how you can get extra support.

The funding from the COVID Local Support Grant is only available for a limited time. More information about help available can be accessed on the Government website.