One of the most important things you can do as a COVID-19 community champion is signpost residents to where they can find trustworthy information. We have highlighted a few key resources below that might be of particular interest to you and the residents you are supporting and recommend that you also take a look at the information and resources available across the whole coronavirus section of our website.

Translated guidance

Who are translated materials useful for?  

These materials are produced to empower people to connect, support others and make a difference in their local community. The materials available inform and support all Southampton communities in understanding that approved vaccines being offered to them by the NHS are safe. They build trust in the vaccine and local test and trace service and empower different communities to stick to the government’s Hand, Face, Space national guidance even after having the vaccine. In particular, those who are disproportionately affected by COVID-19 such as Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups, older people, and those with existing health conditions and our poorest communities.

Why we need to engage with different local community groups  

These communities are prioritised for vaccines but may be reluctant to have the approved vaccine. Part of this is fueled by misinformation in their communities making people scared, concerned and doubtful about taking part.

Translated videos, posters and written materials  

  • has created a translated COVID hub with a suite of translated resources and translated Wellbeing Guidance, as well as audio files of the guidance, which can be shared easily with friends and family
  • NHS clinicians and frontline staff have recorded messages in various spoken languages to help reassure communities that COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and have been independently tested to the highest standards. Watch the translated versions
  • This video commissioned by Muslim Council of Southampton addresses common questions about the COVID-19 vaccine in the UK. The answers are provided by Aiman Alzetani, a Consultant Thoracic Surgeon working in the NHS and based at University Hospital Southampton
  • National Institute of Health and Research (NIHR) COVID and me stories: Short videos to support all communities in understanding the importance of taking part in vaccine studies and getting an approved vaccine
  • Translated videos answering frequently asked questions about the vaccine, in Urdu, Punjabi and more

General advice and guidance

Where to get support in the community  

See a range of advice including 'How to get help' under Help and advice for suggestions. That page also includes a short leaflet summarising some of the local community support available to residents

Money worries and financial support  

At this challenging time, some residents may have concerns relating to money, benefits and paying the council. As with all our information, that section is regularly updated as more support or advice becomes available

Health advice  

We have provided health advice that covers topics such as looking after your mental health, getting moving, and keeping your mind active. It also covers suggestions on where to get more support if needed