Southampton COVID19 Outbreak Management Plan

Foreword to the plan from Dr Debbie Chase – Director of Public Health

Dr Debbie ChaseOn current evidence, new coronavirus COVID-19 cases and deaths in Southampton are on the decline. This puts partners in the city in a stronger place to ease lockdown measures in line with national guidance and move into a ‘new normal’. This is a safer position than we were in, but it is not without risk.

It is critically important that we all continue to take precautions to reduce our risk and that of our families and communities. Social distancing, regular handwashing and isolating if we are symptomatic or contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service are all vital. It is also important that the places where we live, go to school, work and enjoy time together are as ‘COVID-secure’ as possible.

This Southampton COVID-19 Outbreak Control Plan is the response of the City Council and its partners to this challenge. The plan describes the measures we all need to take to reduce our risk, and the processes that are in place to ensure that we identify local outbreaks of COVID-19 and control them as quickly as possible.

The global scientific understanding of COVID-19, and the measures we need to take to combat it, is still evolving as this plan is published. It is therefore inevitable that it will adapt and change many times in light of our actual experience in delivering on the plan, shared learning on good practice and further discussion with our partners. Initially, this plan will be reviewed on a fortnightly basis to ensure this is the case.

- Debbie Chase - Interim Director of Public Health, June 30 2020

This is version 1.4 of the Southampton COVID19 Outbreak Management Plan. Each new version will include a note summarising what has changed since the previous version.

Last updated: September 2021

Southampton Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan

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