Public health annual report 2020/ 21

An update on Southampton’s COVID-19 response so far and our priorities for the future

In a normal year, we publish an annual report from the Director of Public Health covering the work of the Public Health team.

But this hasn’t been a normal year. So we thought we’d do it a bit differently.

Rather than write a report which will sit on our website gathering virtual dust, we sat down with our Director of Public Health to tell Southampton’s COVID-19 story in an in-depth interview.

Watch below as Dr Debbie Chase talks about Southampton’s response to COVID-19 since March 2020 and the priorities of the Public Health team looking forward. You can also read a summary of what we covered below.

This interview was recorded in May 2021.

To switch on subtitles, hit the ‘CC’ button in the bottom right of the play bar.

First response – Southampton steps up SHOW

Second wave and the impact on our communities SHOW

Test, trace and isolate SHOW

COVID-19 vaccine rollout SHOW

Communications and Community Engagement SHOW

Next steps and recommendations SHOW