Crematorium and cemeteries - coronavirus updates

Last updated: 15 October 2020

Southampton Crematorium

Visitors are required to wear face coverings inside Southampton Crematorium buildings. A QR code that can be scanned by the NHS COVID-19 mobile phone app is available on site for track and trace purposes.

Following Government guidance, the number of mourners allowed to attend is restricted by chapel size and ability to follow social distancing rules. We ask that no more than 30 people attend a service. Any other attendees will be asked to stay outside the crematorium with at least a two metre space between them.

Chairs in the Crematorium chapel have been placed in clusters of twos, threes and fours for those who have travelled together. Some single chairs are still available. Your funeral director should be able to show you a photo of the layout. Alternatively take a look at our Facebook page to view a photo.

If you have any special requirements please do not hesitate to contact us directly or through your funeral director. We will do our best to accommodate you if it is within Government guidelines. 

Cemetery Chapels have been temporarily closed for burial services, but you may wish to consider booking Southampton Crematorium chapel for your burial service. Please speak with your chosen funeral director regarding this.

COVID-19 symptoms

You should follow the current government advice on staying at home for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. You may also refer to the guidance for people who are clinically extremely vulnerable. Mourners should also follow the current government advice on social distancing and other measures such as face coverings when travelling to and from the funeral.

Hand washing facilities are available at Southampton Crematorium in our disabled toilet which remains open for public use. Hand sanitisers and tissues are located at the entrance of the chapel. Mourners are encouraged to use tissues to avoid touching their face with their hands, and to dispose of them in the bins provided at the exit of the chapel.

The Book of Remembrance will no longer be available to view at South Stoneham Cemetery, but can be viewed online. The Book of Remembrance is open at Southampton Crematorium during week day office hours. You are required to visit reception first and a member of staff will open the room for you.

Other options

A Direct Cremation is a simple cremation that takes place without a service or any mourners in attendance at Southampton Crematorium. It is an affordable, dignified alternative to a full cremation service, and although a direct cremation is unattended, the ashes can be returned to the family, if desired, so they can say their goodbyes in their own way.

We appreciate that being unable to attend a traditional funeral and gather to say a proper goodbye with just a limited number of attendees is very painful and upsetting. We are beginning to plan memorial and scattering-of-ashes options and services for those who have either had just a direct cremation, or a service with limited family members, so people can come together as a community to remember their loved ones. Dates and times will be advertised here when they are available.

If you have agreed to receive communication from Southampton Crematorium, an invitation will be posted direct to your door once the services have been organised and the government have lifted all restrictions for gatherings.