Draft Statement of Taxi Licensing Policy Consultation

Southampton City Council is producing a Statement of Taxi Licensing Policy in response to the Department for Transport (DfT) statutory guidance on Taxi and private hire standards. The policy sets out a general approach to making licensing decisions. 

The policy relates to the licensing of: 

  • Hackney carriages 
  • Hackney Carriage drivers 
  • Private hire vehicles 
  • Private hire drivers
  • Private hire operators 

Currently each area has its own set of policies and conditions. The exception being hackney carriage drivers as legislation prevents conditions being applied to their licences, however there is still policy that applies to them.

In drafting the Statement of Taxi Licensing Policy, the current set of policies and conditions have been reviewed to bring them into line with the Department for Transport guidance and to address matters raised through consultation with the taxi trades in Southampton. 

Southampton City Council is now consulting on this draft Taxi Licensing Policy and we welcome feedback from all residents, businesses and partners on what we are proposing. Now is your opportunity to have your say. 

Please complete the following questionnaire to give us your views:


The deadline for completing this questionnaire is Monday 5 July 2021

Additional information

If you have any further questions or comments please send any correspondence marked 'Taxi consultation 2021' no later than 2 June 2021 to the licensing office by:

Email: licensing@southampton.gov.uk

Letter: Licensing Team, Southampton City Council, PO Box 1767, Southampton, SO18 9LA