Pink exclamation mark iconAll deadlines to change voting arrangements or apply for emergency proxies are now passed for the local elections on 3 May 2018

Proxy voting allows you to appoint someone to vote on your behalf.  There are special forms and legal requirements for this. Please contact the Electoral Services Team on 023 8083 2245 so we can help you with the process.

Please return completed forms to:

SO14 7LY

Regulations require applicants to supply a date of birth and current signature to help prevent fraudulent claims. If you are unable to supply a current signature please contact

Proxy voting can either be at your polling station or by post (postal proxy). 

If you are a registered elector in the city of Southampton, you may apply to vote by proxy at any time during the year. However on the occasion of an election, the application must be delivered to Electoral Services no later than the deadline published on the relevant election timetable.

If you have appointed a proxy but then find you are able to attend at the polling station in person, you can do so providing your proxy has not already voted on your behalf.

Application to vote by proxy

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