Council Tax and Business Rates 2017/2018

What you will pay in 2017-2018

The Council tax for 2017-2018 set by Southampton City Council will increase by 4.99%.

Your council tax bill is administered by Southampton City Council, but not all of it pays for council services.

For a band D home paying a total of £1,635.98 in 2017-2018, £1,406.68 pays for council services, £165.46 pays for policing in Southampton, and £63.84 for the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority service.

For a band D home, this will mean an overall increase of £73.10 a year, or £1.41 per week.

The Government allow Council’s to implement an additional 3% increase in Council Tax specifically to fund Social Care pressures (Social Care ‘Precept’).

This 3% increase could be in addition to any Council Tax rise planned within the current referendum framework which allows Council Tax to be increased by 1.99%.

In total, this new provision would allow Council tax to be increased by up to 4.99% in Social Care Authorities.

The Executive considered the Council’s overall financial position and the financial and demographic pressures faced by Social Care and determined a Council Tax policy for a 3% increase in Council Tax in total.

This decision was taken specifically to contribute to funding Social Care pressures with a 1.99% increase in Council Tax for 2017/18, with regard to the general power to increase council tax by 4.99% prior to referendum.

The amounts necessary for policing and fire and rescue services are not set by Southampton City Council but by the respective authorities. For more information please visit: 

How your council tax is calculated

There are three main factors in calculating your council tax each year:

  1. What the council needs to spend on providing its services after taking into consideration other income, such as grants from central government, business rates from local companies and fees and charges for services
  2. The valuation band your property has been placed in
  3. Whether you are entitled to any discounts

Property valuation bands

Every property in the city (around 105,750) is put into one of eight bands, identified by the Valuation Office Agency (part of HM Revenue and Customs). Band A is the lowest and band H is the highest.

Your 'band' is identified on your bill.

Total Council Tax bill amounts for 2017-2018

Bands You pay
Band A £1,090.66
Band B £1,272.42
Band C £1,454.21
Band D £1,635.98
Band E £1,999.53
Band F £2,363.08
Band G £2,726.63
Band H £3,271.95

To find out more or to query your valuation band, please call the Valuation Office Agency on 03000 501 501.

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