Council Tax and Business Rates 2023-2024

What you will pay in 2023-24

There is a 4.99 per cent increase in the Council Tax for 2023-24 set by Southampton City Council.

Your Council Tax bill is administered by Southampton City Council, but not all of it pays for council services.

Example of band D charge

For a band D home paying a total of £2,058.36 in 2023-24, £1,726.47 pays for council services, £251.46 pays for policing in Southampton, and £80.43 for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Authority service.

For a band D home, this will mean an overall increase of £102.08 a year, or £1.96 per week. The Government allows councils to implement up to an additional two per cent increase in Council Tax specifically to fund Social Care pressures (Social Care ‘Precept’). This two per cent increase can be in addition to any Council Tax rise planned within the current referendum framework which allows Council Tax to be increased by up to 3 per cent.  

There is a two per cent increase for the Social Care Precept and 2.99 per cent increase in the general Council Tax set by Southampton City Council for 2023-24.