Council Tax - Frequently asked questions

Council Tax - FAQs

Below you will find some of the most popular questions we get asked about Council Tax. If you have a query about this years bill, there is a link to an explanation of terms and a breakdown of the costs at the bottom of this page.


Where can I find my Council Tax number? SHOW

Why am I liable to pay the Council Tax bill? SHOW

I am a full time student, do I still need to register for Council Tax? SHOW

I am under 18, do I need to pay Council Tax? SHOW

Who pays the Council Tax on a rented property? SHOW

How do I change the names or details of 'liable' person(s) on the account? SHOW

Who should tell the council that tenants have moved in? SHOW

What if I move out before my tenancy ends or my tenancy starts before I move in? SHOW

My instalments are spread over ten months is it possible to spread them over twelve? SHOW

Can I amend my Council Tax payment dates? SHOW

Can I get another copy of my Council Tax bill? SHOW

I did not receive any Council Tax payment slips. Can I have more? SHOW

Can I manage my Council Tax account online? SHOW

What do I do if I think my Council Tax band is wrong? SHOW

How is the adult social care charge on my bill calculated? SHOW

I am on a low income/ benefits, can I get help paying my Council Tax? SHOW

I have received a phone call saying I have overpaid my Council Tax. Is this right? SHOW

Understanding your Council Tax bill 2021-22

For an explanation of the terms in your bill please see Understanding your Council Tax bill