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In 2018 we launched an ethical energy provider called CitizEn Energy. It's great news for any one in Southampton (or beyond) who is looking for fairer prices on their energy, especially the thousands of people who are in fuel poverty and are really struggling to heat their homes.

CitizEn Energy puts people before profits so, unlike private energy suppliers, any money made will be reinvested into the local community to deliver real savings for those most in need. We're proud to be helping the environment too as our electricity is 100% green*.

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We work in partnership with Robin Hood Energy which was set up in 2015 by Nottingham City Council. It is the first not-for-profit energy company owned by a local authority. Its aim is to tackle fuel poverty and make energy more affordable for all, and it’s already proving successful in delivering customers the best possible prices at all times, where they can, without any gimmicks or confusing small print.

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*Our green electricity tariffs are certified as being sourced from UK based wind and solar generators. For every Megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity purchased for our customers, we also purchase a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate, which proves the electricity is certified as being sourced either directly from the renewable generators or through a green wholesale energy provider.