We support schools in a number of ways.

A majority of schools in Southampton are members of our Kent Laser energy procurement contract. This offers proven discounted energy prices, invoice validation and help with meter changes.

Using a web reporting facility called 'SystemsLink', we can access a number of useful reports to clarify energy consumption and cost. We also access these reports to produce an annual school league table to enable schools to view their energy consumption in context.

We offer schools project management under the Salix schools loan scheme. Salix Finance offer schools 0% interest loans to carry out energy efficiency works such as

  • upgrading boilers
  • replacing lighting
  • insulation

We also offer schools training on the use of reports, as well as offering school site and business managers, practical and financial training centred around managing energy.

If you would like any further information please contact us at energy@southampton.gov.uk

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