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Intruder alarms

You can report a noise disturbance to the council if:

  • An appropriate keyholder is not available to respond
  • It is likely to give people living or working in the vicinity reasonable cause for annoyance
  • It has been sounding for more than 20 minutes continuously or intermittently for more than one hour

Where possible, Southampton City Council will disable the externally mounted alarm box. If we need to use force to enter the premises, we can apply for a warrant from a Justice of the Peace in order to force entry.

In either case, the person responsible for the alarm will have to cover the costs of silencing the alarm. This will be at least £200 but could be substantially more if we have had to obtain a warrant and force entry into your property. To avoid these problems, please make sure your alarm has a cut out device to silence it after 20 minutes.

If it appears the property has been broken into, please phone the police.

Keyholder Registration Scheme

You can nominate details of up to three keyholders who can be contacted by the police in your absence. This will help you avoid costly fees if your alarm is triggered and you are unable to get to the premises within 20 minutes.

Further information about this scheme can be found on the Hampshire Constabulary website

Vehicle alarms

To avoid your vehicle alarm being activated due to a fault, please ensure that:

  • You have your alarms fitted by a competent installer
  • It has an automatic cut-out that will silence it shortly after it has been activated
  • You check the alarm regularly to make sure it is still operating correctly
  • You have any faults rectified immediately

If a vehicle is parked on the highway or in a public car park and the alarm sounds for more than one hour, notice can be served on the vehicle owner. This allows the council to stop the noise by forcibly entering the vehicle or moving it to a suitable place to silence the alarm. The owner or keeper of the vehicle will be responsible for any cost incurred from this action.

For vehicles parked on private land, such as the driveway of a house, standard noise nuisance procedures apply. This means it will take more time to resolve.

If it appears the vehicle has been broken into, please phone the police.

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