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Dogs usually bark because their owners are out and have left them at home alone. They will not usually bark whilst their owner is there, so the owner can be unaware of the problem. Speak to your neighbour to see if the issue can be resolved amicably. We ask dog owners to be considerate of their neighbours and ensure that their dogs do not bark excessively.

Advice for dog owners to prevent excessive barking

If the nuisance persists, the council's Environmental Health department may become involved. If the noise causes a statutory nuisance to a neighbour under The Environmental Protection Act 1990, a notice may be served on the person responsible for the dog or on the owner/occupier of the premises where the nuisance arises. Failure to comply with a notice requiring an end to the noise can result in fines of up to £5,000.

Alternatively, an individual may take private action against a neighbour.

Make a noise complaint