Flood sign - graphic

Always dial 999 in an emergency or if there is a risk to life.

Flooding is complex as responsibility is shared between multiple organisations, including Southampton City Council, Southern Water and the Environment Agency, therefore it is important that it is reported to the right place to ensure a resolution is found as quickly as possible.

When making a report of flooding please be descriptive as possible to help us help you. Please think about the following:

  • Where is the flooding coming from? – is it a highway gully at the kerb, a manhole cover or drain in the centre of the road, or somewhere else like a drain within your property boundary, a nearby watercourse.

  • What is being affected? – is it the road, a public space, your driveway or garden (front or rear), or the inside your house or business.

  • When did the flooding occur? – Times and dates help us in recording the information to identify frequency of the flooding and whether any resolutions previously carried out have worked.

  • How long does the flooding last? – Does water drain away quickly after rain has stopped, or does it take a few hours to clear.

  • Is there any foul sewerage within the water? – This will be identifiable a bad smell in the air, presence of solid materials or sludge left behind after water has drained away. Please do not touch the water or let children or animals play in the water as it could pose a health hazard.

Photos and videos are a good source of information in helping us identify what is wrong and who is responsible, especially as it is possible that attendance to the incident may take place in dry weather where it is more difficult to see what is wrong. If possible, please take a couple of clear photos showing the extent of the flood to include with your report, however do not enter the water or put yourself at risk in trying to do so.

Flooding to the public highway (roads or pavement)

Flooding to the public highway or pavement is the responsibility of the Highways team. Flooding of this type is likely to originate from a gully (drain) at the side of the road which has a gridded cover.

Flooding of this nature should be reported to Southampton City Council using the online ‘Report It’ system

Report flooding

For non-life threatening emergencies that require urgent assistance, please report over the phone by calling 023 8083 3000 (Monday to Friday 0800 to 1700) or outside of these hours to the Out of Hours Team on 023 8023 3344.

If flooding is occurring on or originating from private land or drainage located on an un-adopted highway, the Highways team will be unable to attend to examine or clear any gullies as these are the responsibility of the landowner to resolve.

Flooding from public sewers (foul, surface water or combined) or freshwater pipes

  • Flooding from a sewer (usually identifed by a square or round manhole cover lcoated on the highway) or freshwater mains needs to be reported to Southern Water for investigation and appropriate action.

  • For flooding emergencies please contact Southern Water on 0330 303 0368.

  • To report a water leak please call Southern Water on 0800 820 999 or use their online form

Although Southampton City Council works with Southern Water, the reporting mechanism is the same as it is for the general public. It is important that reports come directly from members of the public to speed up the response, and for information to be recorded accurately. In addition the number of reports received may be used as an indication of where infrastructure repairs or upgrades may be required.

Flooding from a main river or the Sea

Management of flooding from Main Rivers or the sea is the responsibility of the Environment Agency.

You can determine if a river is a Main River using the Main Rivers Map  

The Environment Agency 24-hour incident hotline is 0800 80 70 60 

You can call the Environment Agency Floodline service for advice on flooding that may be impacting your area on 0345 988 188 (type talk 0345 602 6340) 

For further information and general advice on flooding please see Environment Agency Website

Flooding from an unknown or persistent source

  • If you are experiencing flooding that is persistent or from an unknown source you should notify the Flood Risk Management team via flooding@southampton.gov.uk with a location and description of the flooding, including any dates that flooding has happened before.

  • Whilst incidents reported will be recorded and looked into, please be aware that not all will trigger a formal investigation as set criteria is applied. Please see our Flood investigations page for further information.