Pest control services

Rat on street

The services we offer are outlined below. You can use the online form below, or on the relevant pages, to contact us.

Pest control

Any home, business or public building can suffer from an infestation of what we refer to as ‘pests’, at any time. It could be mice that have got into your home and are chewing your wiring, bed bugs upsetting your sleep or pigeons in your business premises destroying your stock. Whatever it is, our pest control team are here to help.

If you are a domestic customer and you wish to book a pest control service, and know the service you require, then please call us on 023 8083 3005 (option four) to pay and book a treatment. Commercial customers please visit commercial pest control and specialist cleansing.

Or you can go straight to our form to request a call back.


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Want to know how much if might cost? Find a list of our standard fees and charges.

To report a rodent problem in a public space or building, visit report a rat problem.

What can't we treat?

Bees and bee swarms

We do not remove or treat bee swarms. If you see a bee swarm then please visit the Hampshire beekeepers website which provides contact details of a local bee swarm collector.

Keep clear of the area and do not attempt to move the swarm. The Hampshire beekeepers website also has some great information on bees.


We are often asked for advice about foxes. If you are looking for information on how to deal with foxes that are causing a nuisance where you live or work see Foxes, moles and mink: how to protect your property from damage (GOV.UK) or Foxes (RSPCA).

For customers with pets

Particularly birds and fish, please be aware that they may be sensitive to some of the treatments we carry out. Our experienced team will be able to give you further advice once we contact you.

Disposal of clinical waste and disinfestation services

We offer hygiene and clearance services for Southampton residents and businesses, including the collection and disposal of clinical waste, eviction clear ups and general property clearance. Find more information at commercial pest control and specialist cleansing.

We also offer domestic clinical waste collection following referral from your surgery or healthcare centre.