Pest Control for businesses

      Pest Control for businesses

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We provide the following services for our commercial customers:

  • deal with one off infestations
  • arrange flexible or structured pest management programmed to your individual business needs
  • provide preventative and corrective solutions in all aspects of pest and bird control 

Annual Pest Control Contracts

Take out an annual pest control contract and we will provide you with:

  • a consultation with a qualified pest control officer who will provide advice on all aspects of pest control
  • flexible or structured pest management programmed to suit your individual business needs
  • complete safety data sheets for any substance we use on site
  • site specific risk assessments and a breakdown of any control methods used
  • a written survey report at the end of each site visit

Three levels of pest control

For effective pest control we offer three levels of pest control as well as a fully tailored service:

  • standard for rodents
  • gold for rodent pests
  • gold for insect pests
  • tailored option

All fees are based upon a 12 month contract from 1 April to 31 March, but we will work out a price for contracts commencing mid-year. Contracts are subject to our terms and conditions.

How much will it cost?   

Service Treatment Charge
Pest Control Contracts Standard
8 scheduled visits per annum plus 3 requested visits - rodents
Gold (rodents)
12 scheduled visits per annum plus 5 requested visits
Gold (insects)
12 scheduled visits per annum plus 5 requested visits
Tailored options
To suite the needs of individual premises
On request
Disinfestation Service
Charges are based on per person, per hour, plus materials and disposal costs
The cleansing of filthy and verminous premises, or cleansing and/or disposal for filthy articles £95.00
Search, removal and disposal of used hypodermics £120.00
Clinical waste Collection and disposal of clinical waste - domestic (referral by a GP only) Free
Internal contract only:
- per orange bag
- per sharps box
- waste transfer note

Collection and disposal of 5 litre sharps
(to cover admin charges, cost of supply and disposal of bin)
Sharps box >5 litre Quotation